MetaRuffy™, an innovative software powerhouse based in Dubai, Middle East, masterfully blends the Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, and social networking into a unified platform designed for mass appeal and global adoption.

A Trailblazing Cross-Platform Metaverse Experience for All

Explore RuffyWorld, a revolutionary Metaverse thoughtfully designed for the global audience and accessible across various platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Oculus, PS5, and Xbox. With an exclusive offering of 150,000 high-quality land plots, seize the opportunity to trade, create your business, or activate billboards to generate passive income.
Our state-of-the-art Kingdom concept heightens the value of each land plot, fostering a rich ecosystem throughout 30 distinct districts, each featuring diverse land quantities. Rise to prominence as a King or Queen by becoming the top landowner in a district, and relish in the elite circle’s exclusive advantages and privileges.
Don’t let this opportunity slip away – immerse yourself in RuffyWorld, a Metaverse that transcends digital boundaries.

Ruffy World

At, we're revolutionizing the NFT landscape by seamlessly blending social activities and NFT interactions.

As the pioneers in integrating social features with NFTs, our platform enables you to:

Join us at and embark on a whole new NFT journey, where social networking and digital assets come together like never before!

Ruffy City™

Introducing RuffyCity: Your Ultimate Entertainment and Educational Hub in RuffyWorld!

Earn valuable $MR tokens and collectible NFTs as you play and immerse yourself in the unparalleled RuffyCity experience.

MetaRuffy™ Core Team

MetaRuffy’s CEO, Cihan Sasmaz, is proud to lead an international team of industry-specific experts in Web3 development, design, and communications. Having a highly-skilled team in-house gives MetaRuffy an edge when it comes to creating innovative products in a speed-driven industry.

14+ years experience as an entrepreneur

9+ years experience as a software solution architect

30+ years experience in finance, Stock Exchange & Banking

20+ years experience in Creative Design