1.) Semantic Web

The next development of the web concerns the semantic web. The Semantic Web enhances web technologies to generate, share, and connect content and text through search and analysis based on the ability to understand the meaning of words rather than keywords or numbers.


2.) Artificial intelligence

By combining this ability with natural language processing, Web 3.0 computers can understand informations like humans to produce faster, more relevant results. They are getting smarter to meet users‘ needs.


3.) 3D graphics

The three-dimensional design is used extensively in websites and services in Web 3.0. Museum guides, computer games, e-commerce, geographic contexts, etc. are examples that use 3D graphics.


4.) Connectivity

With Web 3.0, information is more closely linked to one another through semantic metadata (Semantic Web). This takes the user experience to another level of connectivity that leverages whatever information is available.


  1. Omnipresence

The content is accessible to multiple applications via Web 3.0, every device is connected to the web, and the services can be used anywhere.

A blockchain (also block chain, English for blockchain) is a continuously expandable list of data records in individual blocks. New blocks are created according to a consensus procedure and attached to an existing chain using cryptographic procedures. Each block typically contains a cryptographically secure hash (scatter value) of the previous block, a time stamp and transaction data.

 A blockchain is an example of a distributed ledger technology (decentralized account booking technology) or DLT and its functionality is similar to the accounting journal. The blockchain is therefore also known as the „Internet of value“ and lays the technical basis for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

 A blockchain can be used in bookkeeping if agreement has to be made on the current and error-free state in a decentralized network with many participants (see also: Byzantine error). What is documented is irrelevant for the term blockchain. It is crucial that later transactions build on earlier transactions and confirm them as correct by proving knowledge of the earlier transactions. This makes it impossible to manipulate or erase the existence or content of earlier transactions without simultaneously changing all subsequent transactions as well. Other participants in the decentralized bookkeeping then recognize a manipulation of the blockchain from the inconsistency of the blocks

Virtual Reality (VR) is a digital, artificial world that is created and made tangible with the help of special software and hardware. With a VR-Headset, the virtual world can be experienced by the user in 360 ° and he can immerse himself in the artificial world.


By contrast, “Augmented Reality” (AR) means the interplay between digital and analog life. This sometimes works with the camera of the smartphone, but mostly also with glasses.

The metaverse is a collective virtual space that is created by the convergence of virtually augmented physical reality and physically persistent virtual space – including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the Internet. The word metaverse is a suitcase word made up of the prefix meta (meaning “beyond”) and universe; the term is commonly used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the Internet, which consists of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces connected into a perceived virtual universe. [1] In contrast to this, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game consists of a single world. In the Metaversum, users can help shape the worlds and „live, learn, work, celebrate“ there.

You have to imagine the whole thing as a completely separate virtual world. Everyone who participates here has an avatar – a digital alter ego. Everyone can determine what their own avatar looks like.

Then there are virtual rooms for everything: games, meeting places, concert halls, congresses, conference rooms, shopping malls … There are basically no limits to your imagination.

Users can meet in these virtual rooms, exchange ideas, communicate, but also listen to others or watch events.

Virtual work meetings are also possible. But you will also be able to buy and own virtual things: land, houses, art …

All of this already exists, especially in game worlds like Fortnite or Roblox, but it is taken to extremes in a metaverse. Because everything is really virtual here – and everything is interconnected.

Oculus Quest 2

First of all, of course, these virtual spaces have to be created first. This is no small matter and involves a lot of effort. But the Facebook group is already there: there will soon be virtual meeting places for chatting and working. But to be able to participate, you need technical equipment.

Usually people will have to put on VR glasses. When you put on glasses like this, you can no longer hear or see your surroundings – and immerse yourself completely in the virtual world. The senses are perfectly deceived. If you look to the left, you also look to the left in virtual space.

You can grab and put down virtual objects – and sometimes even move around in virtual space. In order for this to work, you not only need VR glasses, but also a relatively powerful computer and a fast internet connection. So a lot of technical effort is required – not only on the side of Facebook alias Meta, but also on the side of the users.

Metaverse is the big picture

Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Roblox, Fortnite, Epic Games or Tencent build parallel and independently of each other Parts of the Metaverse.

With RUFFY Coin we are going to create our own world independently and focus on the entertainment sector.

Companies like Fortnite, Roblox or Epic Games concentrate on the „games“ sector

We have made it our business to dominate the entertainment area in the Metaverse

that means We are building an open world “RUFFY World“ with different subject areas

  • Entertainment Stadium
  • Spa & Resorts
  • Pub’s & Party
  • Social-Gaming
  • Dating
  • NFT Marketplace
The total supply is 300.000.000.000 $MR.

Our total buy tax is 4% this splits up into:

  1. 2% Marketing
  2. 2% Development

Our total sell tax is 4% this splits up into:

  1. 2% Marketing
  2. 2% Development
Of course we will do everything possible to be listed on every exchange, for us it does not matter how small or large the exchange is, we want to remove all barriers to give everyone in the world the opportunity to participate in the creation of Ruffy World.

Of course our whole team is doxxed and kyced we offer our community complete transparency, we have done the official kyc at pinksale and all team members use their real names. We also have no problem with being in front of the camera and to show our full commitment.

In order to offer our community full transparency, the contract is audited by Rug Busters which is an official partner of Pinksale. We created an extremly new Contract with the best functions possible and tons of utilities. Under this link the complete audit can be viewed. (PDF)
Yes, since we would also like to give beginners the opportunity to take part in this project, we have decided in cooperation with Flooz to include an option to also pay for Meta Ruffy by visa or mastercard.
After a successful presale the never ending gloryous story of Meta Ruffy begins.

We strictly stick to the roadmap, we will immediately use most of the money to push the development of the already running prototype forward and try to get listed on as many exchanges as possible as soon as possible.

Many tokens that we have followed in the last few months look at the presale as the last major goal of the roadmap, however, we see the successful completion of the presale as the start of a hopefully never-ending story

There are already many large companies that drive the development of their products forward for the Metaverse, but we are the pioneers in the field of entertainment. There are quite a few other Metaverse projects, but we see them more as allies because we are all working on the big picture, the Metaverse.
The presale will be held on Pink Sale. Join the official Ruffy Telegram group so you won’t miss out on the start of the Presale.
In order to offer our community the greatest possible security, our team holds 0% tokens.

The only tokens available to the team are the ones that will be added to the staking pool which will go live on DAY 1 of the Launch. The tokens can only be accesed by the CEO who is fully doxxed and kyc to ensure the best possible safety for all investors. 

Yes you can!

We already released a Prototype playable on your Browser, Android and Windows! Play in Browser

We will have our own Booking Agency accesiable through the Ruffy World where you will be able to buy yourself tickets to any events, comedy shows or concerts in the Ruffy World while paying with $MR Tokens.