Own your land or territory

Within the MetaRuffy World you will be able to own a land that will enable you to build your own business. This will allow you to monetize your Land/Territory through creative ideas and let you become a business owner earning passive income through the MetaRuffy World. Customized lands according to your desires will enable various income streams for you.  

Be ready for a long, successful journey as a business owner within the Metaverse.


Join our waitlist and be one of the first land owners in MetaRuffy World!

TOTAL LAND: 150.000


Privatsale 19th march – 20 UTC
Hardcap: 1.000 Land
Max contri: 20 Land
EXPO (live) / VIP only
Price: 1.000.000 MR

Presale 20th march – 20 UTC
Hardcap: 2.000 Land
Max contri: 20 Land
Whitelist only
Price: 2.000.000 MR

Launch 21th March – 20 UTC
Price: 3.000.000 MR

After 10.000 Land sold price will change to: 4.000.000 MR

To join the land sale within the MetaRuffy Space please fill out the form below in a correct way. This will help us to gather information on how many landsales we’ll be having at launch. What is important to notice is, that all landsale returns will flow back into the MetaRuffy Ecosystem.

Mystery landsales Launch 19th of March 2022 at 20.00 UTC

Why become a land owner?

Owning a land is connected to love and happiness. We at MetaRuffy will not only entertain you but also allow you to take ownership of your own part of the metaverse. YOU will be able to create your own business on your land, or even build a district with several land offering specific services.

YOU will be able to tap into the metaverse!
YOU will earn passive income through various income sources!
YOU will be part of the MetaRuffy World and Family!

Why MetaRuffy?

MetaRuffy is the main currency within the MetaRuffy World and ecosystem. You are able to stake $MR, buy NFTs in our own marketplace, earn USDT rewards and buy lands with the $MR Token.

With MetaRuffy you will not only earn more from holding the token but also enjoy a creative and entertaining community that will make you feel part of a family. Many competitions throughout the day together with our amazing family of supporters, moderators and core team enable you to become part of a metaverse that will establish itself as one of the best virtual worlds in the future.