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We are always looking for partnerships, it doesnt matter to us if you have an upcoming project or have been live for some time. As long as it fits into Ruffy World we can get something going.

With the Ruffy Mall we have tons of possibilities to partner up, as mentioned everything is welcome. You can decide what you want to offer. For example if you are interested in designing wearables (Fashion, Items etc.) you can do that and easily mint them as NFTs afterwards to offer them in your own shop in the Ruffy Mall.

If you are more interested in the Service part of Blockchains and are for example developing Smart Contracts or offering Moderater services you could have your own shop to directly talk to people that are interested in creating their own project and are looking for developers, Moderators etc. How big or small that shop will be is totally your decision and can be fully customized to all your likings.

If you are interested fill in the form below.