Most frequent questions and answers

Staking FAQ

🔸30 day lock: 14% APY
🔸90 day lock: 16% APY
🔸180 day lock: 20% APY

🔹Buy tax: 1%,
🔹Sell tax: 8%
If you go to our DAPP and press on,”Your Staking” it will show you all pools. If you have a staked position it will show up under that specific pool’s info. Here you are able to reinvest/claim your generated APY as well as claim your total staked position after the lock period has ended. You can also claim your USDT rewards here!
Yes, there is a one time 10% tax on your initíal Staking position but for everything else inside the staking pools, Claim USDT/APY/Total Stake as well as reinvest is tax free.
No, you don’t have to claim any tokens after the lock period ends, your tokens will be moved to the unlocked section of that pool and thus you will receive the “unlocked” APY rate from that point forward. You can stay in that pool as long as you want. The lock period is only the minimum amount of time you stay in the pool. You can also claim your tokens after it has run out and try your luck with another pool, but remember once you claim and restake, you will be charged the same one-time 10% tax, or just keep it running, that’s is up to you, the APY for your current position won’t change.
Standard Staking Pool has a minimum requirement of 1.000.000 MR tokens, but it has no maximum number of staking slots so there are always positions open for new Stakers.