Ruffy World
  • iOs
  • PS5
  • XBOX
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Soft Launch MR Beta version
  • First Concert in Stadium
  • First lesson in Metaversity
  • First fitness lesson on Yoga Island
  • Implementing NFT Marketplace in “Ruffy Art Gallery”
  • Launching in Game NFT (Designer/wearable NFTs)
  • First party on Dating Island with Live DJ
  • First Collaboration with Sports Streaming Platform
  • First collaboration with Movie/Series Streaming Platform
  • Launching first Movie in Ruffy Cinema
  • Third Party Verified Status (blue checkmark)
  • Implementing Wallet Connect in Ruffy World
  • Adding fiat Payment to Ruffy World (USDR)
  • Launching & Distribution MetaRuffy Giftcards World Wide
  • Integrating Multi-Blockchain compatibility
  • Launching Ruffy Mascot
  • Day 1 Supporter Badge for first NFT Collection
  • Build the “First day” Supporter Building”
  • Land
  • Launching Land sale (Private sale)
  • Launching Land sale (Presale)
  • Launching Land sale (Public)
  • Assemble a Team (Customer Service Support for landowners)
  • Increase Land price to 4 Million MR/ after selling 10k Land
  • Launch Interactive Map
  • Launching Landowner Island in Ruffy World (For land owners only)
Listing & Exchanges
    • BitMart
    • XT
    • HotBit
    • LBank
    • BKEX
    • BigOne
    • MEXC
    • KuCoin
    • Kraken
    • FTX
    • Coinbase
    • Binance
    • Bybit
    • CoinMENA
    • BTC-Turk
    • Bibox
    • Coinsbit
    • CoinTiger
    • Probit
    • Whitebit
    • BTC Alpha
    • Digifinex
    • Azbit
    • Brand New Staking protocol V8
    • Wearable NFT Staking
    • Stake to Earn wearable NFTs
  • New Mystery NFT Collection
  • Use First day Tickets for inGame Activities
  • All Day Access pass for first day Supporters (1 week).
  • dApp
  • Complete Redesign
  • Launching dAPP (iOS App)
  • Launching dAPP (Android App)
    • Create profile
    • Creator profile (Social Links, Website, Profile picture & description)
    • KYC verified profile by third party (blue checkmark)
    • Search bar (Search by creators, NFTs, collections etc…)
    • Minting a single NFT (Ipfs, Pinata)
    • Minting with tax for creators
    • Minting Fixed price
    • Minting with Auction (unlimited time)
    • Minting Auction (Limited time)
    • Collection Presale Launch
    • Marketplace messaging function
    • Marketplace (NFT, Land, Scalable for more)
    • Creators Trending List
    • NFT Collection Trending List
    • Feed Wall function (Social Marketplace)
    • Like + Comment + Rate NFTs and Collections
    • Follow creators
    • Mintable on all Blockchains ( BSC, ETH etc…)
Company MR
    • Register Company “MetaRuffy International FZCO” in Dubai
    • Contract with Trademark Agency
    • Business Fiat bank account for MetaRuffy International FZCO
    • Leasing HQ Office in Dubai
Trademark Registration
  • MetaRuffy
  • Ruffy World
  • RuffySwap (router)
  • RuffyPad (Launchpad)
  • Metaversity (Online Education)
  • RuffyTools (Pricebot + Trading View)
  • RuffySale (Launchpad)
  • RuffyCex
  • RuffyChart Stadium
  • RuffyWallet
  • RuffyEx

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Ruffy World

Ruffy World is an exciting piece of the metaverse. Open to all ages, and focused on dominating the entertainment sector, Ruffy World has something for everyone. Here are a few ways Ruffy World is ready to entertain you:

Spa Resorts Relaxing-Zones

We built luxurious hotel complexes directly on the beach with sunbathing areas to hang out and enjoy cool drinks. Any proper hotel resort would include a spa area, of course. End the evening with relaxing music and drinks or calm yourself by participating in one of our yoga classes.

Yoga or fitness of any kind is not fun if you are alone! We will hire real yoga and fitness trainers who will do the daily exercises with you in different groups and languages. Real trainers – no bots – no videos!

Entertainment Stadium
We built a virtual stadium to host concerts, comedy acts, and theater performances. Tickets are sold through our own booking agency. The grand finale with which we will reach the mainstream is to book a world star celebrity like Eminem, Justin Timberlake, or Ariana Grande for a concert in our stadium! An advantage to using virtual reality is the ability to offer concerts of performers who are no longer able to play concerts, like 2Pac, Michael Jackson, or Elvis Presley. Through Artificial Intelligence, we can use past videos and create whole new concerts with a hologram that cannot be distinguished from the original. Of course, we can also host comedy shows or record our own TV show in our stadium. Tickets for each event will be NFTs. That means you can buy tickets for you, your friends, or family members, and send to them. We are able to plan concerts or events with over 1 million people at the same time without worrying about security and logistics permits.
Pub's, Bars and Clubbing-Areas
We built small pubs so friends can meet and watch sports together, like NFL, NBA, Champions League, etc. We built gigantic clubs where live DJs will perform in different genres like Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Rap, and House Music. In our pubs and bars, we are planning cooperation with sports streaming platforms such as DAZN, sky +, NFL, and NBA. We will build different bars for different sports. If you want to watch American football, you go to the bar where you can find like-minded people. If you prefer to watch European football, you can go to the pub and watch your favorite team win, together with football fans from all over the world.
Social gaming

We are going to build a huge gaming center with all kinds of machines like pinball, car racing, motorcycle racing, basketball, billiards, and all kids of arcade games that are known from the real world, with a touch of the metaverse, of course!

There will also be opportunities for cooperation with play-to-earn games and other game tokens.


We are building a cute little island called RUFFY Love Island, where singles can meet and get to know each other. If you need some privacy with your loved one, you can rent one of our many water bungalows!

In-Game Asset Marketplace
We call it Ruffy Mall because it will be a real shopping experience. Imagine meeting up with your friends and walking through our virtual mall, seeing hundreds of different local shops from all kinds of categories. -NFT art -Wearable NFT sunglasses, shoes, t-shirts, and much more… -Services of all kinds can be offered, like audit, design, or all kinds of freelance activities. You can create your own shop! If you think you are a great t-shirt designer you can create and offer these in your local store, use your NFT Builder for free, and sell your own designed NFTs! Users can put on your t-shirt and try it on. If they want to take it with them, they have the option of buying the NFT directly from you.

A magical world with endless possibilities.

A more highly-advanced Digital Age is emerging in our society, and the metaverse is at the center of it all. MetaRuffy takes its seat at the table, and will assume the role as the leading metaverse in the entertainment sector.


Why Choose Us?

Why MetaRuffy?

Who is MetaRuffy?

MetaRuffy is an award-winning company of premium social, virtual, and augmented reality experiences.

In Ruffy World, you enter a metaverse where the creation of, promotion, and pure enjoyment of entertainment is the focus. We built various entertainment components into Ruffy World, such as entertainment clubs, resorts, social gaming, dating, and a performance arena. MetaRuffy also created the revolutionary cross-chain social media NFT marketplace, where in-game assets, including ticketing, is all handled through the trade of NFTs.

$MR is our main utility token that allows you to buy and sell Land Plots and in-game assets in the Ruffy World metaverse.

Ruffy World is a product of MetaRuffy International FZCO based in Dubai.